Vallunaraju SW-slopes, Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Jul 19-21th 2013.

19 – 21.7.2013

This year I arrived in Lima on July 17th and took a night bus to reach Huaraz on morning of 18th. Altitude Junkies’ group was still on Huascaran so I needed to complete my acclimatizing quickly to catch up with Phil and Pasang.

Some mountains are extremely easily approached from Huaraz. On 19th I took a taxi (75 soles) to Llaguna Llaca at 4400 meters. Spent a night by the lake and moved on to Moraine Camp right at the edge of glacier at 5000 meters the following day.
At moraine camp I accidentally bumped into a Finnish friend of mine with whom we decided to join for the summit the following morning.
Started at 2:30am which appeared to be way too early. The route over glacier is super-easy and short and we reached the top (5780m.) in dark at 5:15am. Morning was very windy and cold. However, we also climbed the secondary summit to get views over Vallunaraju’s main peak.

A fun outing and a perfect way to acclimatize before moving on to bigger climbs in the area!

Aventura tarjoaa Vallunarajun huipullenousumatkan vaihtoehtoisena lisänä Huyahush-vaelluksen jatkoksi! Tutustu ohjelmaan täällä!


Llaguna Llaca – Vallunaraju Campo Moreno
Campo Moreno – Vallunaraju summit