Newsletter Nov 29th 2013

Greetings from Helsinki! It is the time of the year to take a bit of a breather between the seasons! We’re back from our 14th season in Nepal and remaining at low-lands ’til late January.
We are not keeping ourselves unemployed, though. At Aventura we are working on the new catalogue which also pulls together programs on all our next year’s treks.
Altitude Junkies’ are already preparing arrangements and gearing up for next year’s Mt. Everest expedition. For enquiries, please email Phil Crampton at or me at

I myself am trying to figure out next year’s schedules which is not at all a simple task! So many places to visit, so many beautiful treks to lead, so many peaks to climb, so many options for next year and so very little time!
Anyway and first of all, the spring-season will start off with Helsinki International Travel Fair on January 16th ’til 19th. Please come over for a chat at Aventura stand.
Starting on January 29th I will be leading Aventura’s trip to Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. This will be my 8th time guiding on Kilimanjaro having tracked a 97,5 % success rate to Uhuru peak and the remaining 2,5 % to crater rim. You won’t find any better changes to summit! Please get yourself familiar with the program and sign-up quickly as we only have a couple spots left!

At the moment I am awaiting for the icefalls to start building up. For many years I haven’t really had time to do much climbing in Finland or in the Alps but I am hoping to get ”back on the saddle”. March will thus be in the Alps in Chamonix for a week or two.
I have not yet settled on anything for the coming spring but I bet there will be interesting projects to take on! Please do check on here and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on upcoming trips!
In the meanwhile, make sure to follow our friend David Göttler’s attempt on first winter ascent of Nanga Parbat!

Best wishes,