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lauantai 19. huhtikuun 2014 12:35

Kangchenjunga BC

We have yesterday arrived at Kangchenjunga Basecamp at 5500 meters! And what a beautiful place it is! We are located high above Yalung glacier and we have mountains surrounding us in every direction!

Unfortunately it appears, that not all of our stuff has yet arrived unlike we were promised by the chief porter. Porters here are simply reckless! Some people are missing oxygen bottles, gasoline has been stolen as well as high food. I’ve now spent 15 seasons in Nepal and it is the first time ever I see this happening! Na ramro!

I am sharing basecamp with a lovely group of people! We are now five at our basecamp; three from Russia, Tusi from India and me. Also our basecamp crew is doing their best to make us feel comfortable and we have a pretty good setup here.


Many groups on Kangchenjunga this year! I first met the super-friendly guys of the Italian group. Also met the Koreans with whom I was in fact happy to find my basecamp-buddy Dipenkar (India) from a year ago on Makalu!

Many of the teams have strong sherpa-support and they already are scouting and fixing the route to Camp 2 (6350m). As I will be climbing the same route I can’t call this a solo-climb although I will be operating myself above Basecamp. I am now resting at BC for a couple days and probably staring my rotations on 22nd or 23rd.

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torstai 17. huhtikuun 2014 12:33


Got here at Ramche (4500m.) yesterday and are now spending a leisurely rest/acclimatizing day. This is where we were supposed to meet our porters and all the gear but eventually were left with a note that they had already went on to Kangchenjunga Basecamp! Thus we ended up spending a night here at the most simple shack in fairly lightweight gear (read; no gear). Got through the night anyway! Can’t blame the boys for wanting to get the job done and go home!


Been now just walking around the area and enjoying the views over Yalung Glacier. Also got splendid views over Kangchenjunga SW-face and almost all of the intended route. Spotted a group of blue sheep yesterday but no signs of snow-leopards so far.

Tomorrow we’re moving on and doing all the remaining distance to basecamp. Appears that we’ll be there much sooner than anticipated! It’s been a terribly cold spring in the Himalayas and I am not expecting a very rapid start with my rotations.

sunnuntai 13. huhtikuun 2014 12:32


Greetings from Kangchenjunga trek! We’ve been having major issues with satellite data so you might get to read this post slightly delayed.


We left Kathmandu on morning of 9th. By ’we’ I am talking about our group of four; me and my basecamp cook / manager Ngima, Indian climber Tusi who among several others is sharing basecamp with me and Phurba, her climbing sherpa. We first drove (15hrs) to Ilam in far South-East corner of Nepal. I do like the flat Terai-lowlands and it was interesting to see that part of Nepal too. From Ilam we then drove on very bad roads to Taplejung (1000m.). Started the trek from there and now after two days of walking have made it to Yamphudin (2050m.). Here we are having a day off and making sure that the porter-loads will meet us at Ramche after a couple more days of walking. It is however not us, but the porters who set the pace for our approach.

It is raining at the moment but ’til now it has been very beautiful! This seems like a very nice trek. I’ve got myself slightly interested in bird-watching which hopefully will keep me busy and entertained through this long trek. Who knows, maybe while keeping alert I might be able to scope that famous, elusive snow-leopard which might be easiest seen right here!

maanantai 7. huhtikuun 2014 10:00

Samuli Mansikka Kangchenjunga Expedition is on!

Samuli is now in Nepal for his attempt on Kangchenjunga! At 8586 meters it is World’s third highest mountain! This ascent is made by ”fair means” not using bottled oxygen and climbing solo, with no support above base camp (5500m.). Follow our blog, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest updates from the mountain! Summit attempts are expected in late-May, conditions permitting.

Samuli on parhaillaan Nepalissa yrittämässä nousua maailman kolmanneksi korkeimmalle vuorelle, Kangchenjungalle (8586m.)! Nousu tehdään ”rehellisin keinoin” soolona perusleirin (5500m.) yläpuolella ja ilman pullotettua happea.
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