Warmest greetings from Paiju! Well, it’s beyond warm! It is boiling hot here! Anyway, my Broad Peak expedition is now well underway and the group I am joined with have reached our second trek camp. I am joined with an international K2 expedition and am trekking with them until K2 basecamp.
I arrived in Islamabad on 25th June and were transfered overland to Skardu on 26th to 27th. On 28th all of us were driven to trailhead in Askole. I must say I greatly dislike the drive as the road is by far the scariest I ever been on. However, we got there safely and started trekking on 29th!

The trek is brutal! It is complete wilderness from Askole onwards and it is hard! The trail’s not too good and all day it is extremely hot temperatures being well over 40C with no shade! But boy is this part of the World beautiful? I’ve been thinking about how I consider the European Alps as probably the most beautiful mountain range in the World but to be honest, I don’t know! I kinda had forgotten how stunning these peaks are? And we are still not even close to Concordia from where you have the most amazing mountain panorama!

Tomorrow on July 2nd we’ll continue to Urdukas. We heard that the most commonly used (shortest) trail is in very bad condition and thus we will very likely be taking a longer although safer route closer to Trangos. Tomorrow we get on the Baltoro glacier and will stay on it until back in Paiju after the climb!
Follow the trip through my Twitter and Instagram! Next blog-entry from K2 basecamp!