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torstai 9. lokakuun 2014 8:51

Nepal Season is on! (Newsletter Oct 9th 2014)

Greetings from sunny Pokhara where I am writing this at Maya Pub, one of my favorite restaurants for a snack and a drink!

Our group of 18 flew out of Jomsom earlier today after having finished Aventura’s Annapurna Circuit trek! Got stunning weather throughout the whole trip and thus amazing views over the chain of Annapurnas as well as all the other peaks such as Chulus, Putrun Himal, Kanguru Himal etc.
I do think Annapurna Circuit is the best trek in Nepal if you’re f.ex. coming here for the first time! It’s all about it being unbelievably varied and of course stunningly beautiful! Teahouses are of good quality as well! Some call it crowded but I strongly disagree!
Also we got to see a lot of wildlife such as langur-monkeys and quite a fair number of blue sheep! I would also like to especially thank Tashi R. Ghale who alongside with being an amazing teahouse-keeper is a award-winning photographer! Please visit his website!
We already have bookings for Aventura’s next year’s trip so you better sign-up soon to make sure to fit in!

I might although add that Manaslu Circuit might come close or even better when it comes to pure authenticity! We still have spots available for Aventura’s upcoming Manaslu Circuit starting on Nov 15th so email or me at!!
Manaslu Circuit you start at Arughat which at 500 meters of altitude is a tropic! Here you have good changes of seeing a lot of wildlife and an amazing number of birds. I’ve f.ex. heard of red panda sightings! At Larkya La pass (5200m) you are in high mountains which adds to this trek being amazingly varied. Sign-up quickly to join us in November! Details here!

My next trip up is Aventura’s Annapurna Basecamp which takes you to mountain’s South basecamp. This is a very good trek if you are interested in both culture of the Nepali mountain people as well as beautiful nature! This also is an excellent trek for birders me being one!
Follow the trip on my Instagram as I aim to update on daily basis!

Our climb of the season is Altitude Junkies’ expedition to Cholatse which I am assisting to lead alongside with Phil Crampton! You still have time to sign-up for this so email me at or for details! Find the program here!

Aventura’s Aconcagua trip starting on December 26th is on for bookings! Join me for this trip to get the best possible time of the year for a successful and fun climb on the ”World’s highest trek”!

So that much for my Nepal season so far! Follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Best wishes,

Ps. Pictured is a Tibetan lama named Kongma at Milarepa cave near Manang