Greetings from Helsinki (Newsletter Dec 7th 2014)

Wow, what a busy couple weeks it’s been since I from my recent Nepal-season got back to Finland! I am soon again to leave to new adventures which I don’t mind to be honest! November-December are not ideally a pleasant time of the year here for outdoor activities nor for not much else either.

So what I’ve been up to? Well, last week I was featured on Prisma Studio talk show on Finnish TV channel 1. This is a talk show focused on scientific themes and subjects and this time taking a look at dangers outdoors. Pleasure to participate!
Last weekend we had the Helsinki Adventure Night here in my hometown. Of course the program was very interesting but also it was fun to meet so many of the Helsinki outdoor people! Go through Kim Öhman’s photos here to get a view of this excellent annual event!
Highlight for sure was Ueli Steck’s presentation but also I greatly enjoyed the ’Valley uprising’ movie on Yosemite climbing from early years to present. I later on had a change to interview Ueli on Sunday at Kiipeilyareena’s event. What a pleasant chat and one of my personal highlights of the year!
This week I did an interview with Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat’s ’After Dark’ web-TV-broadcast which should be aired in near-future. Thanks to pro-snowboarders Eero Ettala and Lauri Heiskari for the invitation!

Away from all this I have been working on all my upcoming trips of which first one is leading a trip on Aconcagua! This is through Finnish Aventura Tour Operator and we have a small group of lovely people participating. Many of them have been on my trips before and I am sure we will be having a lot of fun on the trip! Of course I must let you be noted that I will be taking some time off prior to this and will be spending some time in Australia before flying to Argentina! So look forward to some tropical pictures on my Instagram!

I will be back in Finland in mid-January to take part in the annual Helsinki travel fair! Come over for a chat at Aventura’s stand! I’ve got several presentations scheduled looking at Aventura’s selection of World treks. January 19th we’ll also be doing an event at Ravintola Dubrovnik in Helsinki! This time you’ll have a change to get a look of what climbing K2 last summer was like?

We still have spots available for Kilimanjaro trek and Serengeti safari in late-January through early February!
I will be leading Aventura’s Mt. Everest Basecamp & Island Peak trek in April! You can only do the basecamp trek or do the climb as well. Up to you!
Enquiries and reservations for these through Aventura!

So follow my travels through Instagram and Twitter! Take care!