Round-the-World and getting ready for Aconcagua

Greetings from Santiago de Chile! I arrived here yesterday and am flying to Mendoza tomorrow on Sunday!
The last slightly over two weeks I spent in Sydney which I can say easily became one of my favorite cities in the World! Sydney has everything! Beaches, good restaurant, lively and super-friendly people, very high standard of living and amazing climate. Super clean, organized and well-functioning too! What more can you expect? Even got a slight hang of surfing which proved super-fun although quite demanding.

Now I am in Santiago de Chile relaxing and getting everything sorted for Aventura’s Aconcagua trip. Our group of 7 members arrives in Mendoza, Argentina on sunday and we’ll start the trek to basecamp on Tuesday. Aconcagua is an easy trekking peak but is not trivial. At 6959m it is high and very prone to weather and especially high winds. I really hope we get a good change to summit the peak comfortably!
At least hearing the latest from Kilian Jornet’s trip to the mountain gives us impression that the route is in good shape. Less than 13hrs from park entrance to summit and back! That is, pardon my French, fuckin’ insane!

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