Arkistot ajalle tammikuu, 2015

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Tulevat opastetut matkat // Upcoming guided trips

Samulin kanssa vuorille! Vuoden 2015 opastetuille matkoille kannattaa ilmoittautua hyvissä ajoin! Ota yhteyttä tai!

Mt. Everest Basecamp & Island Peak, Nepal // Aventura 9.4. – 1.5.2015, info
Mongolian kiertomatka // Aventura 17 – 28.8.2015, info
Mt. Khuiten, Mongolia // Aventura 26.8. – 9.9.2015, info
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal // Aventura 24.9. – 11.10.2015, info
Annapurna Basecamp, Nepal // Aventura 10 – 23.10.2015, info
Mera Peak, Nepal // Aventura 23.10. – 15.11.2015, info
Manaslu Circuit, Nepal // Aventura 14.11. – 6.12.2015, info
Aconcagua, Argentiina // Aventura 27.1. – 16.2.2016, info


torstai 22. tammikuun 2015 12:26

Greetings from Aconcagua! (Newsletter Jan15th 2015)

Greetings from somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean! I am completing my first trip around the World as I am returning to Helsinki from my Aconcagua trek! Started by flying to Sydney in December, from where to Santiago de Chile and on to Mendoza.

This Aventura’s expedition was my third time on Aconcagua and I can say am starting to get a hang of the mountain and it’s character. I do like the mountain and the region! I keep hearing some say this would be a not-that-picturesque a mountain but I strongly disagree. Yes, it is a very different peak as it is not snow-covered and yes, it through it’s normal routes really is a trek and not a climb! I do though like the desert-like landscape and the amazing dry-air deep-blue skies as well as it’s rocky flanks alternating colors in evening light.

Argentina is in many senses a little different country to run a trip at compared to f.ex. Nepal. I am happy to have again seen the clockwork-like precision at which the trips are operated. Guides are professional, friendly and helpful and the atmosphere at basecamp very unique indeed!
Weather can be an issue as the peak gets a lot of wind. The region benefits of fairly accurate forecasts which we with good planning can use to our advantage picking up the most suitable summit date.
Climbs from camp to camp are short and easy but the summit day is long and fairly strenuous due to high altitude.

I will be adding pictures under ’Previous trips’ very soon! The next trip starts late January 2015 aiming to summit around Feb 10th 2016. This is a very good time of the year condition-wise. Join us to get the best possible changes to summit this interesting peak!

I recently announced that I will be attempting Annapurna in March! Why this early in the season? It is fairly common for Annapurna to receive new snow in April which might be dangerous on this avalanche-prone mountain. Therefore some teams are aiming to complete the climb already by end of March or early April.
I am again climbing alone on the mountain but due to expected heavy need for trail-breaking and rope-fixing I will be working together with the other teams on the mountain, namely Mingma G. Sherpa’s guided group as well as Carlos Soria’s team.
Route of ascent will be the first ascent route or a variation according to conditions. Teams are flying to Annapurna North basecamp on March 3rd. It might be a cold climb!

After Annapurna I will be leading Aventura’s Mt. Everest Basecamp trek and an Island Peak climb on April 9th through May 1st. We still have spots available for this World trekking classic so sign-up through Aventura!

Best wishes,


sunnuntai 4. tammikuun 2015 22:01

Samuli Mansikka Annapurna 2015 Expedition

Samuli is attempting Annapurna 1 in March 2015! Annapurna was the first of all 8000ers to be climbed (1950) but has since become the least climbed of them all. This is mainly due to it’s heavily avalanche-prone slopes. Annapurna is often said to be the most dangerous of all 8000-meter peaks.

Samuli’s will be attempting North side of the mountain and working together with other teams setting up the route. Bottled oxygen will not be used.
Follow the trip through Twitter and Instagram as well as on our blog starting late February.

Samuli yrittää maaliskuussa Annapurna 1:lle! 8091-metrinen Annapurna 1 on ensimmäinen kiivetty ”kasitonninen”. Sittemmin huiputuksia on kertynyt vähiten näistä 14:stä johtuen pitkälti lumivyöryherkistä rinteistä. Annapurnaa usein kutsutaan 8000-metrisistä vuorista vaarallisimmaksi.

Samuli pyrkii vuorelle sen pohjoispuolelta yhteistyössä muiden tiimien kanssa. Lisähappea ei käytetä.
Seuraa matkaa Twitterissä, Instagramissa ja blogissa helmikuun lopusta alkaen.


Photo by Mingma Gyalje Sherpa 2014