Arkistot ajalle helmikuu, 2015

sunnuntai 15. helmikuun 2015 21:18

Annapurna preparations (Feb 15th 2015)

It is now 12 days until my departure to Nepal! My Annapurna preparations are pretty well underway and sorted and I feel very well prepared. Still need to replace some last bits of clothing and make sure all the communications are working okay. I have most of my high-camp gear stored in Kathmandu where I will finalize all packing upon my arrival.

I’ve now spent an unusually long period of 6 weeks in Finland and have thus been able to work on my physical performance. I started at a new gym in autumn and have been quite happy with the outcome. This, I think is especially good thing on Annapurna as speed for sure is safety on this avalanche-prone mountain. This also goes down to overall living a very healthy lifestyle and I might be able to say I am at my best shape ever when leaving for the expedition on 27th.

Annapurna can be considered extremely dangerous if you look at the statistics. According to Himalayan Database (thanks Rollo!) there’s been 186 confirmed ascents to main summit since the French first ascent in 1950. 69 climbers (9 of them while descending from the summit) have deceased which makes it the most dangerous of all 8000’ers. I must admit that I have never put so much effort on mental preparation.

I will once again be assisted by my most amazing weather-guy, Michael Fagin from Seattle! The modern professional forecasting is of great benefit and I am happy to have him provide me with his often very accurate forecasts.

The Spanish team of Carlos Soria’s has already left to Nepal. I am joining Mingma G. Sherpa’s team and we will all fly to basecamp on March 3rd. I will again do my own carries above basecamp and will not employ high-altitude staff. Due to dangerous nature of the climb, however I will be working together with the other teams on the mountain and I do believe team effort will be the key to success this year.

I would like to address thanks to my partners whose support is crucial! Thank you Valandre, Rab, La Sportiva, Skyr!

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