Mera Peak, Nepal 26.10. – 18.11.2013

Mera Peak, Nepal 26.10. – 18.11.2013

Matkatoimisto Aventuran vaellusmatka Mera Peakille loka-marraskuussa 2013. Luklasta patikoimme Zathra-La -solan yli Hinku-laaksoon ja Mera Peakin 6460-metriselle huipulle.

Säät olivat poikkeuksellisen kylmiä ja maasto runsaslumista johtuen Intiassa syksyllä velloneista sykloneista. Huippupäivä oli kirkas, mutta tuulinen.

Tutustu matkaohjelmaan Aventuran sivuilla täällä!

Aventura Tour Operator’s trek to Mera Peak in October-November 2013. Due to cyclones in India there was very unusual amounts of snow in all of Nepal. Our summit-day was after all very clear, but windy.
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Päiväkohtaiset GPS-jäljet

Pvä 1: Lukla – Thukding
Pvä 2: Thukding – Khariteng
Pvä 3: Khariteng – Zathra La – Thaktor
Pvä 4: Thaktor – Khote
Pvä 5: Khote, lepopäivä (rest-day)
Pvä 6: Khote – Thangna
Pvä 7: Thangna, lepopäivä (rest-day)
Pvä 8: Thangna – Khare
Pvä 9: Khare, lepopäivä (rest-day)
Pvä 10: Khare – Mera Peak Basecamp
Pvä 11: Mera Peak BC – Mera Peak Highcamp
Pvä 12: Mera Highcamp – Mera Central Summit Mera Central Summit – Khare
Pvä 13: Khare – Khote
Pvä 14: Khote, lepopäivä (rest-day)
Pvä 15: Khote – Zathrabhu
Pvä 16: Zathrabhu – Zathra La – Lukla

Samuli’s tweets from the trail

Oct 27th 2013
What a great group I got to welcome in Kathmandu today!! Taking the 1st flight to Lukla in the morning! Follow our trek to Mera Peak!

Oct 28th 2013
Our Mera Peak group has safely landed in Lukla (2800m)! Today’s only about kicking back. Starting the trek tomorrow! Follow us via Twitter!

Oct 29th 2013
And we have now started the treak and reached first camp at Thukding (3330m)! Beautiful day until early afternoon. A bit cloudy now.

Khariteng (4050m) ja kylma ilta, mutta upea auringonlasku! Nakyy lumihuippujen yli Tiibetiin asti! Nahtiin yks ’thar’-vuohi trekilla!

Oct 31st 2013
And we are down from Zathrala to Hinku-valley! Saw 2-3 day old snow-leopard tracks in the pass! Lot of snow on Khumbu side of the pass.

Nov 1st 2013
Short day from Taktor to Khote (3600m). Got views over Mera (6476m) and Naulekh (6900m) in the morning. How wild is it here next to Khumbu!

Nov 2nd 2013
A very leisurly day resting at Khote (3600m)! Did the ’walk through the holy rock’ the other side of the river! Wishing for warm summit-day!

Nov 3rd 2013
A very pleasant walk from Khote to Thangnag (4260m) today! Splendid views over Mera’s West face! Visited Guru Rinpoche’s (8th cent.) cave!

Nov 4th 2013
Sunny day in Thangnag spent practising rope skills! Also did a fun walk to nearby lake. A very pleasant day all together!

Nov 5th 2013
Seems like weather’s turning to warmer after a cold period! Now at Khare (4900m) very close to Mera Peak! The most spectacular day walking!

Nov 6th 2013
Fun rest-day in Khare! Did more practise on rope skills. Also finalizing plans on our summit-bid. Moving up to basecamp (5300m) tomorrow!

Nov 6th 2013
Browse our website to follow our progress! We carry a SPOT Gps messenger so you can see where we are right now!

Nov 7th 2013
At Mera Peak Basecamp (5300m)! Camping on thick pack of snow. Very unusual! Could ski down all the way from summit to Khare! Clear skies!

Nov 8th 2013
Mera Peak Highcamp (5800m) and going for summit (6461m) tomorrow! Great views over Mt.Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Baruntse and so much more!

Nov 9th 2013
Back in highcamp from Mera Peak summit (6460m)! Clear views over whole Khumbu range and all the way to Kangchenjunga! Wind picking up!

Nov 9th 2013
Some say it last was this much snow in Nepal in 1995! Don’t know about that but it sure is white here in Khare! Heading down tomorrow.

Nov 10th 2013
And we’re down to Kothe (3600m)! Kind of a long day but nice getting to warmer altitudes. Not too tropical though this time of the year!

Nov 11th 2013
A very sunny rest-day in Khote! Incredibly clear skies and thus amazing visibility both down the valley and up to Mera Peak!

Nov 12th 2013
Stunning day from Khote to Zatra Bhu! Not a cloud in the sky which is very unusual for this stretch. Outstanding views!

Nov 13th 2013
It’s been a long day across Zathra-la, but we’ve now reached Lukla! No more walking this season! What a season it’s been!

Nov 14th 2013
Back in Kathmandu! Oh, how I love this city! Have had a lovely day after flying from Lukla a day early. Fun spending time with the members!

Nov 15th 2013
It doesn’t seem to be a perfectly normal morning in Kathmandu… Election next Tuesday so strikes and protests more or less underway.