Got here at Ramche (4500m.) yesterday and are now spending a leisurely rest/acclimatizing day. This is where we were supposed to meet our porters and all the gear but eventually were left with a note that they had already went on to Kangchenjunga Basecamp! Thus we ended up spending a night here at the most simple shack in fairly lightweight gear (read; no gear). Got through the night anyway! Can’t blame the boys for wanting to get the job done and go home!


Been now just walking around the area and enjoying the views over Yalung Glacier. Also got splendid views over Kangchenjunga SW-face and almost all of the intended route. Spotted a group of blue sheep yesterday but no signs of snow-leopards so far.

Tomorrow we’re moving on and doing all the remaining distance to basecamp. Appears that we’ll be there much sooner than anticipated! It’s been a terribly cold spring in the Himalayas and I am not expecting a very rapid start with my rotations.