Greetings from Ulaanbaatar!

Greetings from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! This has been Aventura’s first ever trip here and I must say the country really has impressed me greatly!
We first did a short hike in a nearby Bogd Khan National Park after which we flew to Ulgii and drove to Altai Tavan Bogd NP. After a day’s trek we set up our luxurious basecamp next to Potanii glacier at 3100m.
Our aim was to climb three of the surrounding 4000-meter peaks starting off with Malchin. Followed by this easy acclimatizing peak we moved on to our highcamp set up at 3750m at the col between Khuiten and Nairamdal peaks. From the high camp we first climbed Khuiten which at 4374m stands as Mongolia’s highest. Unfortunately we got a very windy day for our ascent but thanks to the route being very short and easy it did not pose a problem to prevent us from summiting safely.
Next morning the weather had changed completely and we got an amazing day for our short trip up Nairamdal (4180m.) before returning to basecamp (the picture).
Upon our travel back to Ulgii and Ulaanbaatar we were being provided several visits to local families yurts to really get an authentic point of views to Mongolian and Kazak nomadic lifestyle. As I am writing this some group members have gone horseback-riding on the plains and some walking around in Ulaanbaatar which is a vibrant and interesting city filled with culture.
Aventura will be offering this trip once a year in late-August – early-September and I am already looking forward to returning here! (Ohjelma kotisivuilla täällä!

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